Child Growth from Birth to the First Year of Their Ages

One – day workshop on “Child Growth from Birth to the First Year of Their Ages”, in Kabul.
The theme of the workshop which was held on Sunday, April 7, this year in Kabul, was “Child Growth from Birth to the First Year of Their Ages”.
This one – day workshop was conducted by Professor Sharafuddin Azimi with the coordination of APC office, at the conferences hall of Nawzesh Private kindergarten. There were so many families, students’ guardians who attended the workshop.

It was the 1005th workshop in the series of the workshops being conducted by Mr. Azimi in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, and other provinces for some years.

The workshops run by professor Azimi often takes about a couple of hours. Lectures, discussions and practical activities are included as main parts.

Mr. Azimi’s workshops are arranged and coordinated by APC office, one of the committed psychological centers that provides psychological services in Afghanistan.

APC is committed to expand its efforts’ span in coordinating, organizing and holding trainings, providing counseling, conducting researches and giving the best services for the kindergartens, schools, institutions, universities, and national and international organizations.

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