Sharafuddin Azimi

Sharafuddin Azimi born on year 1987 started school at No.1 Girls’ High School which is currently named Maleka Suraya High School and continued his education at NAser Khesraw Balkhi High School and graduated from Nadria High School. He was a dedicated and punctual student.On year 2005 he passed university entry exam and joined Psychology Faculty, at Shahid Rabbani Educational University.. He graduated with high marks and privilege. He was appointed as teacher at Saed Jamaluddin Afghan Teacher Training Institute. In 2011 after passing English and professional exam he was appointed as member of Afghanistan’s academy of science. He worked for two years at ASA and he continued research for two years afterwards he was appointed as deputy researcher of research center. In 2012 after he went through academic seminar and exam he was appointed as teacher at Psychology Faculty of Shahid Rabbani Educational University.He has Journalism, English and USAID teacher Training certificates. He also holds a master’s degree in Pedagogy from aforementioned university. Currently he is assistant professor at the university and preparing to go for his PHD.He has worked at different hospitals and counseling centers and has helped around 4000 clients, he has also written books on family counseling and other matters and produced CDs with regards to psychological issues, life skill etc.

His biggest effort includes the introduction of psychology in Afghanistan through university lectures, seminars, social media and TV programs.He desires to translate standard and academic books in Afghanistan national languages.